Thursday, November 20, 2014


I have to admit, I'm an avid user of emojis. Mostly just in texts and Instagram comments. Sometimes it's just so much easier to text a bunch of hearts to my husband in the middle of the day than to type out "I love you from the depths of my soul."

My overuse of emojis and love of flowers coincide in my #emojisinbloom project: I recreate those adorable tiny illustrations with colorful petals, leaves, whatever other natural bits and pieces I can find.

It started with the pineapple. I spent so long arranging it just right, the flower petals started to wilt. Oops!
#emojisinbloom by @meandering_mari on Instagram || Mari Orr Art

More emoji interpretations soon followed.

Here's the often-used (by me, anyway) beating pink heart recreated with Gerbera daisy petals.
#emojisinbloom by @meandering_mari on Instagram || Mari Orr Art

I found this colorful leaf in our front yard. Most of the time, I'm not surprised by my awe of nature -- but this leaf left me completely gobsmacked. (I love that word.)
#emojisinbloom by @meandering_mari on Instagram | Mari Orr Art

I discovered eucalyptus leaves make excellent turtle shells.
#emojisinbloom by @meandering_mari on Instagram || Mari Orr Art

...and while not exactly a literal translation, I immediately thought of the dancing woman emoji when I spotted this bright yellow gourd at a pumpkin patch.
#emojisinbloom by @meandering_mari on Instagram || Mari Orr Art

The kitten I recreated with a tulip tree leaf remains one of my favorites...and is available in my shop as a print for cat-lovers everywhere!
#emojisinbloom by @meandering_mari on Instagram || Mari Orr Art

My latest look-alike is the love letter emoji.
#emojisinbloom by @meandering_mari on Instagram || Mari Orr Art

Can you believe the vibrancy of those red leaves?

I bow down.

Do you use emojis?

If so, do you insert them sparingly or scatter them all over your texts and emails?

Please feel free to join in on the fun, over on Instagram! Make sure to use naturally foraged petals and leaves to recreate your emojis, then tag #emojisinbloom. Hope to see your creations soon!

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