Friday, February 13, 2015

Painted Business Cards

If you're an artist or a maker -- or just a creative person in general! -- you know how important it is to put your personal touch on nearly everything. I thought I had done so with my previous business cards, but it turns out I quickly got tired of looking at the SAME. DESIGN. ON. EVERY. CARD. 

So, I found a solution.

When I ordered new business cards, I decided to keep them nice and simple.

Almost too simple.
Dreamer, doodler, artist, that's me!

The back has a little more pizzaz:
These are some abstract paintings I've done, some of which are still available in my shop.
If you were so inclined.

I had my work printed on the back of most of them, but I left a few blank: I could paint on them!

I couldn't forget to do at least one with flowers!

I tried painting the front, too.

I love how it turned out!
 The paint didn't adhere to or obscure the writing at all.

I haven't experienced any bowing from the wet paper, but these cards are rather thick:

If you are printing your own cards, I would use good quality hot pressed watercolor paper -- I like Arches. Most of the paper on store shelves is cold pressed - it has a textured, slightly bumpy surface. Hot pressed paper is much smoother and would be better for printing on. 

I'm having so much fun painting my new cards, I don't think I'll have any of them pre-printed with my art next time. I'd rather leave them all blank canvasses and personalize each one.

What do you think?
Good idea or just more work?

Is this something you might try? 

P.S. It's too late for me to get Valentines to you by tomorrow, but none of my cards actually say "Happy Valentine's Day" -- you can save them for any old time you want to tell your loved one you adore them. Bonus: all Valentines are all 20% off with code BEMINE! Shop them here. :)


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