Monday, February 9, 2015

The Postcard Project:
Tulips and Peonies

After all the hectic scrambling last week, I decided to start on a larger piece for my own personal pleasure. Of course, I gravitated to flowers again. They're so relaxing for me to paint -- I get in the zone and before I know it, a peony has emerged.

Or maybe a rose? I got a few comments on Instagram that my roses are looking good. It's so hard for me to differentiate between the two. Peonies have that same overlapping structure of a rose, but in a messier arrangement. It's painting that randomness that I have problems with.


The point of all this rambling is that I was in another flower-painting mood for this week's postcards: Four Tulips and Peony Bouquet.

It's becoming glaringly obvious that I can't wait for spring to arrive! It will be fun to paint based off real flowers in my hand again. Although...I also enjoy creating from my imagination, like I'm forced to do in the winter. :)

You can shop both postcards here.

And you can read more about my Postcard Project here.

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