Saturday, January 24, 2015

Inspired by: Orchids

A few days ago, my husband and I went on our first date of the year to a local orchid grower. Or maybe I dragged him there and called it a "date." ;)  It's the dead of winter, it's the midwest...yet there was still an impressive display of blooms. 

My head was swiveling in every direction.

Can you tell how giddy I am??
aaggghhh, look at all those lady slippers!

Here's a closer look:

Even closer, because I could stare at them all day:

Not everyone was happy. This was the grumpiest flower I've ever seen -- look at that dour expression!

These ones were like dangling fruit, waiting to be plucked off and enjoyed...
Don't worry, I resisted touching them.

Delicate beauty, a shock of color...layered on dirt and grime.

More delicacy! That graceful arch kills me.

And this guy...!
I am just now realizing he was for sale! Ack, why didn't I buy him?? I love that shocking yellow -- and he even has a tiny little heart for Valentine's Day.

I was crazy for the patterns:

The colors!

The patterns and the colors!

Inspired by all these beautiful blooms, I set, brush to paper.
I'm sure you can tell which flowers inspired my pattern-making.

After staring at those yellow blobs for a bit, they started resembling flamingos.

So, I did the next obvious step:

It's funny how inspiration leaps from one lilypad to the next so seamlessly.

Bet you would have never guessed I'd end an orchid post with flamingos, but there you go. A few of these will be available in the shop as this week's postcards. :)

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