Saturday, March 14, 2015

Inspired by:
Heather Page of Academy Florist

I love perusing Instagram for painting inspiration. I follow several florists, @heather_page being one of my favorites. Look at all those delicious flowers!

I thought this arrangement, in particular, was absolutely breathtaking.

After sketching the blooms out on cold-press paper, I started filling it in with color.
Meager beginnings! Sometimes I'm a bit nervous about where a piece is going, but that's when I have to remind myself to have faith in my abilities.

And more color...
Aah, it's starting to come along now. 

The finished piece took me two or three hours over the span of a day. 

I dub thee Heather's Arrangement.

I decided to list it in my new shop on Society6 instead of on my website because I like the idea of Heather's Arrangement being not only a print...

...but also phone cases, throw pillows, mugs, tote bags, and more!

By the way, I ordered a few things from Society6, just to check the quality -- I'll be posting reviews of various Society6 products soon.

Lastly, here's my leftover paint from Heather's Arrangement, posted on Instagram for my #dailypalettes project. I love hearing what people see in my colorful blobs. 
What can YOU spy?

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