Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Hey, woah.

Where have I been??!

You know when you start a business and you have all these grand plans? Maybe this rhetorical "you" is anal-retentive like me and draws up this huuuuuge list of everything she wants to accomplish. And she finds so much satisfaction is checking items off, one by one, as they're completed.

You are a rockstar.

You are living your dream.

You are doing what you set out to do.

People are into your art.
Businesses are calling with commissions.
Other artists are contacting you for collaborations.

But, then the day comes when you wake up, panicked, in the middle of the night and realize:
you took on way. too. much.

That's basically what happened to me.

Good news
I dug myself out of the hole. I completed most of the projects I committed to. Others, I had to set on the back burner -- because there was just no way I would be able to give 110% when I was stretched so thin.

Bad news:
I'm kind of in that hole again.

But! I've learned an important thing about myself. I really need to learn how to say "not right now" or "this isn't a good fit" or sometimes, simply ..."no."

So, I need to work on that.

I am excited about everything I'm involved in now.
It's just a matter of executing. On time.

Oh, and hey, one of the projects that has kept me so busy is my Brand Spankin' New Smile Deliveries! It's a weekly letter that is meant to spread kindness and make you feel good. Each issue is filled with the perfect dose of smiles, silliness, inspiration, and playful positivity to get you through the week. If that sounds like something you might be into, sign up here.

And the blogging? I'm not going to commit to posting regularly...but I am kind of trying to commit to posting regularly. With less than, more than, or even possibly an equal amount of rambling as this post.

Talk soon!

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