Thursday, August 20, 2015

New Paintings!

I was in the creative zone the other morning! I only broke from my reverie when it was time for lunch and my husband forced me to stop for nourishment. I made five -- FIVE! -- paintings in total and I love -- like love LOVE! -- all of them.

Yeah, you know all that talk about being inspired by the colors of nature in my last post? Maybe you think I've gone bonkers because this definitely doesn't look like the typical hues of the approaching autumn season.

But...let me show you the immediate predecessors of this batch of paintings: 
That's 6AM on the left and 6PM on the right,
inspired by dawn and dusk respectively.

From those more muted tones of pink and blue, I made my way to these brighter and more vibrant hues. Notice the basic combination of pink and blue remains.

Here's the rest in the series!


...and Smile and Nod. :)

I hope you love them as much as I do!

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