Friday, March 27, 2015

Inspired by Roses:
Sponsored by The Bouqs

You know by now that I looove messing about with flowers, right?
My hashtag project #emojisinbloom is plenty of evidence of that.

So, when The Bouqs generously offered to send me some blooms to play with, I eagerly accepted!

Read on to see what happened next...

After that fairly innocuous first photo, things immediately started getting weird.
Well, I say FUN...but others might say weird.

After transferring the beautiful blooms to many different vases (The Bouqs sent so many flowers, I wasn't able to fit them in one vase!), I was cleaning up a few fallen petals. I noticed the three-dimensional shapes kind-of-sort-of looked like...bear heads. I got out my craft paint and did a little experimenting.

See what I mean?
Isn't it cool how the panda face is coming out towards you??

I know you thought I was crazy when I said "bear heads."
I'm okay with that.

Back to cleaning up the petals:
I also spied...what looked like a cape.
Aaand I had some peanuts.

So, I made Super Peanut!
Who wouldn't??

Side note: Super Peanut led to a whole slew of cape-less Avenger Peanuts.
No matter how hard I tried to perfect his distinguishing features,
Iron Man Peanut just looks like Mr. T to me.

I'm not sure what will become of Avenger Peanuts.
They may turn into a print.
They may just live on in my Instagram feed

I, of course, enjoying looking at my roses...but I couldn't resist playing with them also. I plucked a few petals off a white rose to see if I could dye them with watercolor. 

The water beaded up and rolled right off of them -- which I should have foreseen.

Hey, that quality is perfect for paint-mixing cups!

The pink roses were feeling a bit neglected...they were a perfect powdery pink. I started layering them, eventually arranging them into a dress shape. 
The rest of the little girl followed naturally. I used some other bits of fresh flowers we had in the house, including hyacinth leaves for her belt and legs and dried hydrangea as her parasol.

I liked her so much, I turned her into a print.
You can find her here!

After her photoshoot, I stole her hair and spent a bit of time painting a single rose petal. 
I love doing that sometimes, concentrating on just a single element like a petal. Really studying every nook and cranny, every slight color variation, trying to capture the texture...needless to say, time flew and when I looked up at the clock, I had spent the baby's entire naptime painting one petal. #noregrets

I got in a bit of a ballerina mood after that. 

I actually do these quite a bit, whenever I'm inspired by whatever fresh flowers we have in the house. I originally wanted to make rose petal tutus, but I just couldn't get them to lay right. I ended up with a rose leaf tutu on one and a rose petal leotard on the other. 

I got a lot of requests for prints with my previous ballerinas, so I finally made some with these gals. Wahoo! You can find them here and here, if you are so inclined. :)

By now, my roses were starting to fade. 
But! That doesn't mean my playtime comes to an end.

If anything, playtime has just begun.
Tic-tac-toe, anyone?
Are you noticing a pattern yet?
Yep, I turned this into a print as well.
You can find Tic Tac Bloom here.

Back to my bouquet: I'm fascinated by dying flowers. I love how the colors deepen, the petal edges start to curl up...and they take on an entirely new texture.
Roses, especially, are even more beautiful and interesting to look at when they're dying.

So, that's that.
As you can see, a few flowers provides me with ENDLESS hours of enjoyment.

...and I've already ordered my next bunch!
I went with ranunculus this time.

Stay tuned...

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  1. Wow. Wow. Wow! I love every single thing you did with these flowers. Your creativity is amazing!